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A3 Performance LEGEND Powerback - A3XLPB
A3 Performance LEGEND Powerback - A3XLPB
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It is not every day the world encounters someone or something that will be revered, honored and celebrated for years to come. But today is not every day and LEGEND is not like any other technical racing suit. To become a LEGEND you must achieve what has never been achieved and you must accept challenges that have never before been pursued…we have, so you can!

If looks were everything, LEGEND wins, but LEGEND's sleek, edgy design is simply the beginning for this revolutionary racing suit.

GII Compression Tech Fabric is the latest advancement in compression fabric. GII has a faster surface, virtually eliminating surface drag. Consisting of the ideal blend of 57% Polyamide, 43% Elastane, GII is known for its compression and durability.

Hydropel Hydrophobic Surface, A3’s proprietary hydrophobic treatment, works with the GII Compression Tech fabric to form a surface barrier proven to reduce drag. Hydropel is added to the shell and lining of LEGEND fortifying the barrier to water absorption.

Zone Compression impacts performance by strategically aligning the ultra-flat bonded seams to reduce muscle vibration and fatigue. Focusing on compression of key muscle groups while supporting a full range of motion. Powerback received its name because we say it like it is. The female LEGEND Powerback provides unparalleled compression through the thighs, hips and core. The Powerback’s design compresses your lats and back to generate a new level of power output.

A3 Performance Silicone Grippers do more than look good. Grippers line the inside bottom leg to allow expansion of the leg opening for comfort while assuring your suit stays in place.

Soft Shield Ultra durable, ultra-soft lining is soft on your skin and strong enough to provide lasting compression and comfort you will appreciate race after race. Laser Cut Panels insuring exact fit, consistent fit, proper compression and movement support.

Core Support double lined throughout the body of the suit to reinforce core support, helping you be your best in those final meters.

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